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Transform your natural lashes into the lashes you desire! We will work with you and your natural lashes to achieve a gorgeous set of natural looking lashes. We pay close attention to your natural lash strength and length and we will only lash you what your natural lash can hold to remain healthy. With a full consultation we will talk about the goals you have in mind for your new lashes so that we can achieve the look you desire. This service will take about 2+ hours.

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The Anna

The Anna.png

Bikini wax and Brazilian wax services can help you feel chic and confident. These professional treatments are designed to quickly and effectively remove any unwanted hair from your bikini line area, with an option to include combo treatments like under arms or stomach strip. It is an efficient way to take charge of your beauty regimen – the effects will last several weeks until the hairs start growing back in again. Plus, these treatments are both fast and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about taking too much time out of your day for them.



Blowout & Braid - 1 HR 15 MINS+


Blowout & Scalp Massage - 1 HR 10 MINS+


Blow Out w/ Extensions - 1 HR 30 MINS+


Blowout w/ Clip in Extensions - 1 HR 15 MINS+


Baby Doll Blowout - 45 MINS+

$50 ** Ages 10 and Under

The Bella

The Bella.png

If you're craving a beach-ready bod that looks and feels great, an arm and leg waxing service will get you there in no time. Whether you have hair you want to remove or just need to freshen up, the results of these treatments will be smooth and silky. Not only will it help your skin radiate with confidence, but it'll also help keep some of the unsightly fuzz away.

UnderArm Wax - 20 MINS+


Arm Wax - Half - 20 MINS+


arm Wax - Full - 45 MINS+


Leg Wax - Half - 20 MINS+


leg wax - Full - 35 MINS+




You deserve the best, and that's exactly what you can get with luxury stomach and chest waxing services. Get ready to pamper yourself and relax during this quick and pleasurable treatment. Your skin will thank you for it afterwards - no more painful, embarrassing or unsightly hair - just a smooth and polished look that will make you feel confident every time!

Stomach Wax - Strip - 10 MINS+


Stomach Wax - Full - 25 MINS+


Chest Wax - 20 MINS+


Combo - Stomach + Chest - 35 MINS+




Ready to rock those booty shorts on the beach with confidence? Then you're in luck - with our luxury back & butt waxing service, we are here to help! Our promise is best removal of hair, giving you a smooth finish and making you feel like the best version of yourself. Get ready to show off your best assets and enjoy your newfound hairlessness! We guarantee that after your waxing experience with us, you will be feeling cute, comfortable, and smile-ready from every angle.

Butt Wax - Strip - 15 MINS+


Butt Wax - Cheeks - 25 MINS+


Back Wax - Half - 20 MINS+


Back Wax - Full - 35 MINS+


DeLush Beauty Lounge private room with neon sign
DeLush Facial Waxing


For an effortless full face slimming experience, look no further than our Facial Waxing services. Not only is it the perfect way to keep your skin hair-free and flawless, but it is also a relatively pain-free process. Waxing can be applied full-faced, or customized for each individual person based on their needs. Our full waxing service can be with or without brows, we offer upper lip, as well as nostrils, sideburn and ears waxing - all designed to have you looking polished and beautiful! With us, waxing services are safe and comfortable - leaving you with smooth, glowing skin for days after the procedure.


Blow Dry Concentrate - 5 MINS+


Dry Scalp Treatment - 5 MINS+


Dry Texture Spray - 5 MINS+


Hair Glimmer Shine Treatment - 5 MINS+


Hair Smoothing Lotion - 5 MINS+


Intense Hydrating Hair Mask - 10 MINS+


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