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Brow Services

Our trained Wax artists will look at your brows to determine the best shape for your facial structure, if you need a grow-out period and/or are a good candidate for Brow Rehab. Next, a thorough waxing is done to remove the unwanted hairs and peach fuzz, revealing your clean and sleek brow. Tweezing will pull out any stubborn hairs and create a customized brow, and may also trim your brows to allow them to rest easily in the correct placement. We finish the service with Kelly Baker Brow products. Keep your brow game strong!

Eyebrow Hair Removal at Delush in Hermosa Beach

Deluxe Brow Wax

Experience the artistry of our Wax Specialists as they skillfully enhance your brows. Achieve the perfect balance of volume, arch, and shape tailored just for you. This treatment includes complete wax of the eyebrows, any reshape and trimming. 

Deluxe Brow Wax - 15 MINS+


Eyebrow Tweezing - 15 MINS


Brow wax_edited.jpg

Brow Tame - Lamination

Brow Tame is a conditioning treatment to tame your brows includes brow shaping. Our treatment tames your brows to give you thicker, fuller, and better-shaped brows. It tames your unruly brows and keeps them in the desired shape for a cleaner, fuller, thicker, and more voluminous look. A brow lift will last for weeks. The fuller and darker your brows are naturally - the better of a result you will get.

Brow Tame - Lamination - 30 MINS+


Combo w/ Deluxe Brow Wax - 40 MINS+


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